Our Technology

By utilising AI we are able to offer our clients the ultimate experience; precision fit and efficient, more personalised processes, whilst supporting a more sustainable output.

Our process is powered by the latest Artificial Intelligence technology & predictive analytics which has measured over 14,000 body shapes and ethnicities, delivering 96% fit accuracy. Using this technology we are not only able to offer made-to-order products specific to an individual’s size, but we are also able to half the manufacturing process, and deliver the product up to 20x faster than traditional means. Whilst we believe in slow fashion, we also believe in efficiency and uncompromising fit, all made possible with the introduction of AI driven technology into our process.

Made to Order

By answering a short questionnaire we are able to produce clothes made specifically for your colleagues size and shape. Exceptional fit, precise finish.

Sustainable Processes

Advanced predictive technology allows for leaner processes, without compromising on quality or fit, to support a better outcome for both our clients and planet.

Personalised Customer Experience

A curated ‘style guide’ provides a branded experience that is both easy and efficient in selecting your uniform, whilst informing our predictive technology on size, all from the comfort of your home.

our technology

How it works

Lets Collaborate

We will collaborate with you, for you. We are not exclusive, we believe perfect fitting clothing should be for everyone.