Understand what makes our uniforms more sustainable.

Our business has been formed to put people and sustainability at the very centre of all we do. No business is perfect but we’re striving to act as sustainably as possible. That means being socially responsible, and using the best technologies available to cut out waste and promote all things sustainability. Furthermore where this isn’t possible, we will look to find ways to positively impact the environment and offset any damage we might have had a part in. This is the core of our mission and values.


“If I remember correctly, Bill Gates said that the whole planet, from business, consumers, and governments, must pull in the same direction to make a difference? That is why single companies, such as ours, must start out with the right goals, but not brag about being 100% sustainable, when currently this is almost impossible to achieve and we know we could still be doing better.”

Paul Mitchell, Founder & ‘Sustainability Enthusiast’ in training

Why we're the sustainable choice


Only recycled and recyclable materials are used. We also take back used product, partnering with local non-profits to minimise waste.

Supply Chain

We source all our materials in the UK & Europe and offset our carbon footprint via environmental partnerships. All items are shipped with recycled packaging.


We produce based on demand not forecast. We reduce production times and the need for sampling via predictive analytics & AI technology.

So, what are we signing up to?

Education - To use at least 70% sustainable materials. Our team are signed up with The Sustainable Angle on its Future Fabrics course to find sustainable fabrics that fit in with our values and our client needs. 

Development - Working with a third party to audit our entire supply chain from end to end. Knowing where everything starts, and finishes is essential.

People - We pledge to appoint when we can, to our team, a Sustainability leader. To hold us to account, to provoke us, and to guide us on our journey. Of course, all our colleagues must be onboard, but trust the experts!